Platinum Edition (iPhone6 / 6s)


tokyo grapherが持つ技術の全てを詰め込んだ最高グレードのレンズセットです。

新開発のZero Distortion Wide Lens (ZD Wide Lens)は周辺部の画像の歪みをゼロに抑えることにより見たままの風景を写真に収めることができます。
レンズ越しにかつてない程クリアな世界を発見でき、世界で一番綺麗な画像が撮れる歪みのない広角レンズでiPhone カメラでの新たな撮影スタイルを提案します。
発売以来多くの方にご愛顧いただいている「Fish-eye Lens」「Macro Lens」と合わせて3本のレンズが付属します。

Platinum Editionにはレンズの他に以下のアイテムが付属します。

The Platinum Edition is a set of the highest grade lenses produced with the finest technology of tokyo grapher.
Experience the great quality of these lenses that can fully draw out of all the iPhone camera's attractiveness.

The recently developed Zero Distortion Wide Lens (ZD Wide Lens) controls distortions around the image edges to zero, which enables you to take photos of sceneries just as they are seen.
With this zero-distortion wide lens, enabling you to discover a clear world through the lens more than ever before and to take the most beautiful photos, we would like to propose a new photo shooting style for iPhone camera users.
This set is accompanied with the following two lenses supported by many customers since their release: Fish-eye Lens and Macro Lens.

The Platinum Edition also has the following accessories offered other than the lenses.
* Duralumin iPhone6/6s case
* Lens storing cases that can be attached to the iPhone case as the hand grip
* Lens caps
* Extra screw and silicon cushion